Start a Lucrative Credit Repair Business
With the Client Dispute Manager™
A Cloud Base Credit Repair Business Software
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  • Free Credit Repair Training
  • Free Business Training
  • Free Lead Generation Training
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Client Dispute Manager

The client dispute manager cloud base credit repair software is a fully automated software that allows you to add unlimited clients to the software database and prepare you for your first disputes within seconds. The learning curve for this software is very low, and upon completion of the “ getting started video” you will be in a position to send your first dispute out within minutes.

Credit Repair Training

Credit repair training is crucial in this business if you want to be successful. Without this high level of training, you would not produce good results for your clients. The best part of this training is that we include it for free in your software package. There are no hidden fees. It is FREE

Business Training

Do you know what is required to run a profitable credit repair company? If your answer is no, then that is not a problem. The Client Dispute Manager comes with a complete training course on how to run your credit repair business from A-Z. It also includes 72 HD videos to guide you at every step when using the software.

Lead Generation

Sales, marketing, lead generation and advertising are the heart that pumps through your business. Without knowledge of this area, your business will not grow. In the Client Dispute Manager we provide you with various resources showing you how to market and generate leads.

On-Demand Credit Repair Mastery Training Class


Become a Credit Repair Master

Learn how to become a Credit Repair Master from the comfort of your home. This On-Demand Video Training will take you from a Beginner to an Expert in no time.
  • Credit Bureaus Sneaky Ways.
  • Understanding the Credit Monitoring and Credit Bureaus Credit Reports.
  • Breaking The Credit Report Down for Disputing.
  • Laws that Regulate the Bureaus, Creditors, and Collectors.
  • The Dispute Process.
  • Advance Strategies.
  • The Secret Weapon.
  • The Complaint System.
  • Credit Score Strategies.
  • Rebuilding Your Credit The Right Way.

Main features

Software Features

Besides adding unlimited clients, the software comes with over 290 dispute letters, dispute instructions, 20 different dispute campaigns, and dispute flow charts. No other software platform provides you with step by step instructions on how to dispute and respond to the credit bureaus.

Credit Repair Strategies

Our credit repair training is taught by legendary credit repair expert Mark Clayborne. Mark is the author of Hidden Credit Repair Secrets which is the number one credit repair book on With this software, you will be taught basic to advanced techniques to dispute effectively.

More Business Training

In addition to the Running Your Credit Repair Business Training A-Z, we also provide you with training on how to build a website the right way, securing a merchant account to take payments from your customers, and outsourcing various tasks to grow your business.

Software Features

The Client Dispute Manager also provides you with a client portal so that your clients can check their status 24/7. You will also benefit from the bulk printing feature which allows you to print all of your dispute letters at once, and a “follow up letter due” feature to remind you of when to work on your clients reports.

Credit Repair Techniques

Our credit repair training goes one step further by providing you with videos on how to raise your clients’ credit scores, and how to help them rebuild credit. The credit repair area provides you with pre-recorded coaching sessions from other members using the platform.


Nothing is better than learning from active credit repair companies which are producing leads on a daily basis. In the business learning section of the Client Dispute Manager, we provide you with special reports detailing various marketing methods used by active credit repair companies.

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