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12 Steps to Start a Credit Repair Business

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1. Credit Repair Training

Knowing and understanding how to do credit repair is the first step in your journey to starting this business. Credit repair can be learned through books, classes, videos, workshops, and experience. The software offers free training on the dispute process.

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2. Research

After learning how to do credit repair, it’s time to start your research. Before starting a credit repair business, you want to research the following topics: how many people are searching for credit repair, and what is the current state of the business.

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3. Is the Business Profitable

After doing your research, it’s time to see if the business is profitable. Can you make money in the credit repair business?Theanswer is “Yes.” The average price is $149.00 for the credit audit and $99.00 a month for the service. For best practices, please check online and offline to see what other companies are offering.

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4. Know the Startup Cost

After deciding if the business is profitable or not, it’s time to look at the startup cost. It is a key factor in any business, so knowing the numbers is very important at the beginning. The great thing about this business is that the startup fees are low.

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5. Understand the State and Federal Laws

After getting your startup cost together, you must understand your state and federal laws. There are State and Federal laws you must know before you can start and run a good credit repair business. Review the Credit Repair Organization ACT and your State law to make sure you are compliant.

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6. Build Trust with a Credit Repair Website

The next step is build trust. Without a website, new lead won’t take you seriously as a business owner. Make sure that you have a professional website that is mobile responsive before you start your lead generation campaigns.

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7. Basics of Running a Business

Next is your understanding of the business. With every new business, you must learn the basics of running that business before you start. With knowledge of the industry, you can make major mistakes. Get training on running a credit repair business before you open the doors to the world.

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8. Sign Up for Credit Repair Software

Next is getting started with a CRM. Using a software platform is critical for any credit repair business as it will automate most of the tedious tasks thatare required in the day to day operation of a credit repair business.

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9. Setup Price and Agreements

After picking your software, the next step is to decide what price you want to charge your customers for your services. Also, you want to draft their agreement for your services. In the software, we have contract templates and pricing model videos to assist you.

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10. Set Up Your Lead Capturing System

After setting your price and drafting your agreement, the next step is to set up your lead generation capturing system. This system will help you capture leads by phone, email and if a customer walks through your door. The software has lead generation capture features.

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11. Start Marketing

After setting up your lead capturing system, it’s time to start bringing in customers through all of your marketing efforts. Marketing is the bloodline of any business, and you must always market to keep your business going. The software has a lead generation section to help you generate leads.

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12. Nurture current customers

After setting up your marketing plan, it’s time to nurture your current customers and keep them happy. This area is where a lot of credit repair companies fail because they fail to keep in touch with their existing customers. The software has a nurture email campaign that will do that for you.

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