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Why the Credit Restoration Business?

Be Your Own Boss

One main reason to become your own boss is that there are 100 million consumers with bad credit, and they need your help. There is a low startup cost and learning curve. You don’t have to spend 4 years in school to learn the credit repair industry. Once you understand the basics of credit repair and running a credit restoration business, you can get started from the comfort of your home with a laptop and a cell phone. The credit restoration industry allows you to be your own boss, spend time with family and friends, and live your dream life.

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You Can Set Your Own Price

Another reason to start your own credit restoration business is that you can set your own price based on your services. We recommend that you determine the type of assistance you will provide and base your fee on that. You can either choose a pricing method such as a monthly service fee or pay per deletion. You will have the freedom to work anywhere in the world because you will be what we call an online credit restoration company. You don’t even need a physical office to get started as most consumers are now familiar with doing business online without meeting in person.

Can I Earn A Living?

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Getting Customers

Yes, you can earn a good living by helping others. To do well in this industry, you have to get good at marketing, lead generation, and nurturing your current customers. The possibility of earning more every month is just like any new business. You have to find the customers. Therefore, we recommend that you take baby steps and add one customer at a time until you reach your goals. Acquiring customers is not as hard as you may think if you have the right skill set when it comes to lead generation. We offer this to you for free.

Your Pricing Models

Yes, you can make a good living helping others improve their credit scores. Most credit restoration companies acquire their income through various services that are designed to help improve their customer’s credit scores. Also, they sell other products to their customers. Pricing models are based on what you offer and what type of work you will perform for your customers. When it comes to the monthly fee, you will base your fees on the amount of time you spend on a customer’s file each month. Meanwhile, there are also different products you can offer your customers that would help them rebuild their credit as well.

What Do I Need to Get Started?Client Dispute Manager

Credit Repair and Business Training

There’s a need to know the basics of credit restoration first. The software has basic to advanced training that will adequately guide you when it comes to the dispute process, and credit reports all the way to what letter should I use in round one. The credit repair training is simple, straight to the point, but yet powerful. For business, you will have access to 74 HD videos on how to run a credit restoration business. These videos will give you the training you need in different areas of credit restoration business, such as federal and state laws, legal contracts, onboarding a new customer, and more.

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Lead Generation and Software Training

Most businesses shut down within the first 5 years. And this is because they can’t grow their customer base on a consistent basis. Without leads, your business won’t grow. The Client Dispute Manager software has free training on how to generate credit repair leads. The software is full of software training videos that will guide you step by step. You will learn how to generate leads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, and more. Our software is a powerful tool that will help you work efficiently and automate everything.

How is Your Company Different?

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24 Hour Phone Support Free Credit Restoration Business Meetings

We are always here when you need us,  and we offer different support channels, including real-time phone support for 7 days a week and 24 hour support 5 days a week. Talk with a software specialist from Mon-Fri 24 Hours | Sat & Sun 8:00 Am- 8:00 Pm EST. You can also reach us through any of our other support channels. In free training that we always have with over 100 credit repair companies every two weeks, we discuss various topics that will help you run your business better. We also share best practices of those who are seeing success in the industry and rub shoulders with Million-dollar credit repair companies.

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Constant Updates and All Training in One Place

We are continually updating the software with new features, and we incorporate features that our users need to stay competitive and efficient. Our focus is total automation, and we are releasing a new feature almost every week. The Client Dispute Manager has all of the training you need to run your credit repair business; it has credit repair, business, lead generation, and software training all in one place. Once you are well equipped with the training, it will be easy to source for clients and be ready to start your business.

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