Helping Thousands of
Credit Repair Companies Grow.

Helping Thousands of
Credit Repair Companies Grow.

About Us – Client Dispute Manager

Client Dispute Manager is an online credit repair software designed to help establish your own business entity in the industry. Whether you are thinking about starting your new credit repair company or you are an existing credit repair professional looking to grow or improve your business, Client Dispute Manager is the one stop solution to all your needs.
Designed and developed by an expert team of IT professionals and credit repair specialists, this software is easy to use and offers a number of features and benefits for the users.


The Mission

The company has a mission of serving their clients, both individuals and professionals, in managing their credit repair companies and operations both effectively and efficiently from the comfort of their own homes.

What We Offer

Client Dispute Manager has been developed as a “business in a box” solution, to facilitate clients in starting and managing their credit repair business from anywhere in the world.
We offer a comprehensive solution that includes instant access to the dispute modules that helps improve credit rating of clients and resolve credit related disputes in a fast and efficient manner. The free training on how to start and run your credit repair business, generating leads, and increasing your client base, is what gives us a competitive edge over others.
In addition to the dispute modules and training services, our online software also gives you access to more than 70 webinars organized by successful companies in the industry.

Why Choose Us

Client Dispute Manager can help you start your own business by being your own boss, eliminate the 9-5 concept of going to office every day, lets you set your own prices and targets and work from anywhere you want to. It is a fast, cost effective and highly efficient software for running a successful company in the credit repair industry.

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