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Our sole mission here at Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center is to equip and empower every individual, including both new and established credit repair professionals, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers, tax professionals, bankruptcy attorneys and all other professionals with the needed tools, orientation and a personalized education essentially needed for a low budget startup to thrive in the industry.With our several years of experience in excellent service, we have taken our time to carefully extract only the best and needed information to operate a smooth and profitable credit repair business.

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What sets us apart?

We stand out high among peers with our unbeatable quality service and several years of experience in delivering irrefutably exquisite services.We are a cutting edge firm in the credit repair industry that offers highly distinguished services. We have positioned ourselves apart from other companies in the industry through offering of unparalleled support to our various clients by phone, chat, email and through our Facebook groups, monthly free workshops and an all-in-one credit repair business software package. Our Client Dispute Manager software which is an embodiment of our several experiences gained over a decade, will offer every piece of help you may require, from credit repair training to running your credit repair business, credit repair website setup, lead generation, advanced techniques and a detailed step-by-step software instructions.

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The Key to a successful credit repair business is never to give up. If you run into a roadblock, find a way to get around it and keep going.

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We make learning hassle-free

We are your one-stop point for the best credit repair software and trainings. We will make your credit repair business run smoothly and effortlessly with our highly comprehensible training classes and a step-by-step understandable credit repair software. We understand quite well how difficult it can be to run a startup credit repair business, MC-Credit Solutions LLC has therefore put in place a highly responsive single point-of-contact which would be more than happy to offer their assistance to you in any way they can. We use straightforward, easy-to-understand terms, and are happy to explain any aspect of the credit repair business, be it software, business training, credit repair training or lead generation. We genuinely care about our customer’s progress and their success in the credit repair business.

Why we are different

Having to submit a support ticket and waiting for several days to be attended to can be quite frustrating as you may lose money and valuable customers during this period of inactivity. Your waiting days are way behind you. Get all your software issues attended to in no time, at Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center, we provide a prompt and efficient support to all your software issues. We provide phone support, live chat support for no additional charges. Are you encountering software issues today? Call us between any working hours. We will be fast to reply and willing to help.

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We offer the best and most flexible credit repair and business learning training at a very affordable price. Most software vendors around offer these same services at rates as high as $500 and above. This amount paid doesn’t cater for the monthly software subscription that you will have to pay for every month.If you want to acquire more knowledge about the running of your credit repair business and basic to advanced credit repair, an additional fee has to be paid with the monthly subscription. You will get exactly the opposite of this offer when you take-up our services.We offer an all-in-one package that will service you in all areas required including credit repair and running your credit repair business training, lead generation and you get access to our pre-recorded coaching sessions all in one place for free. Wouldn’t you rather take up a better offer going at a way cheaper rate and simultaneously offering better value? I think you would.

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With over a decade of professional work experience, we have been around in the industry enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We are a fully functional credit repair company.  This has given us enough understanding of what is needed to build a software that will meet all your credit repair needs. In order for an effective and 100% efficient upgrade of our systems for the best user experience possible, we make use of the Client Dispute Manager software in our everyday activities. This constantly brings us in contact with clients experiencing various difficulties, giving us the knowledge and opportunity to structure our educational programs and software to a more updated and current version. We constantly also make ourselves available to offer tangible assistance to our various customers when they hit rock bottom in their credit repair business.

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Dispute Campaigns

The dispute campaign is immensely helpful especially to individuals new indisputing. The whole process of disputing might be confusing and frustrating to a newbie. This is quite understandable and the dispute campaign is here to help you out. The regular online software vendors will provide you with an array of random dispute letters to choose from. For starters, it is quite difficult to figure out which letter is right to send first. After scaling through this first round of dispute and the results come back updated with no change effected to the inaccuracies, at this point, you will be left totally clueless not knowing what letters to send out next. Most likely, you will waste several hours trying to figure out which letters are appropriate to be sent out next. More often than not, mistakes of sending the wrong letters out are always made. Take this unnecessary stress and confusion out of your disputing with the Client Dispute Manager’s Dispute Campaign.

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