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Frequent Most Asked Questions

Once I purchase, how is the site delivered?

You will be redirected to a download page where you can download your files. In addition, we will install the site for you for free.

Where can I get my domain name?

What can your developers help me with?

Currently, we offer free installation services.

Can I maintain the site myself? I am familiar with WordPress?

Yes you can.

What do you mean by Security for the site? What does that entail?

The website already comes install with security plug ins to help prevent hackers from taking your site down.

How much does it cost to host the website?

$15 to $20 a month using Godaddy.

What Do I need To Get Started?

1.Your website files.
2.Your Domain Name.
3.Your Domain Name Hosting login information.
4.A webmaster to install the site free of cost for you.

How Do I Get Support After These Changes?

1.Use the current webmaster that you have.
2.Hire your own from Craigslist.
3.Hire your own from or

What Platform is the Site Built On?

WordPress. Your hosting plan should be Linux Cpanel or managed wordpress.

Can I get help from your team to install the site?

Yes. We offer free installation so all issues will be resolved upon installation.

Where can I get hosting from?

Will it cost extra for someone to help me install?

No. We do it for free.

Does the site include Terms of Service and Privacy Policies?

No, you have to obtain your own. You can find software online to generate these for you.

Do I have to pay the full $299 or can you extend a payment plan?

No, this is a one-time purchase.

What Changes Will You Make?

We don’t make any changes. You would have to hire a webmaster to make changes to the site for you or you can do it on your own if you know WordPress.

How Do I get the Changes Made?

You would have to contact your webmaster.

How Long will it Take to Get the Website Files?

You will get the website files right away as you will be redirected to the download page after your purchase.

Do You Offer Training on The Site?

Yes. You will get a full video course on how to make changes to your site

Terms and Conditions

Purchasing the Full Site: Before making the purchase, please read the terms and conditions. When you purchase the site, you agree to the terms and conditions.Once you purchase the site, please allow up to 24 hours for us to prepare the files for you. Once the files are ready, we will send you an email with a download link to the file. From that point on, you would have to hire a webmaster to install the site for you. You can hire one from, or

Here are the rights you have when you purchase the site: you can edit, use it, and make any changes to the site. You cannot sale, re-sale, distribute or showcase the designs as your portfolio.

Because the site is a digital product and we have no control over the site once it’s downloaded, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. All purchases are considered final. If you face a problem while downloading or unzipping the website, contact us at:

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