Getting Started

In this area, you will learn how to add your first client fast, send out your first dispute, and automatically onboard your customer.

A quick overview of your business, which will allow you easily see urgent matters and helps you to plan your day.

Easily add your client’s information in the software for easy tracking and recording.

Our collections of customizable letter templates for different dispute reasons will make it easier for you to send out your first dispute.

Onboarding your customer has never been this easy as the software can do it all for you even when you are asleep.

No need for you to run after your clients for days just to interview them, as our Smart Interviewer can automate this and make it more convenient for both you and your client.

Billing System & Automations

Learn the different billing options and how you can manage them.

Learn more about the payment screen where you can keep track of your finances and manage your billing system.
One way that you can charge your clients after you render services to them is through checks. This will help you manage it when they hand you the check in person or if they send it to you.
Send out invoices from the software and have the capability to customize, schedule, and organize them to make your billing system more convenient for you and your clients.
It helps you make sure you schedule and collect payments on a regular basis for your services without doing it manually.
Keep track and document cash payments coming from your clients when they come to you in person or have it delivered.

Credit Report Importing & Automations

In this area, you will learn how to import a customer’s credit report with one click, analyze the information for multiple errors in seconds, check for deletions with one click and update your customer fast.
Save time as the software will create an analysis from your client’s credit report that will show you a summary of all the negative and inaccurate items on their report.
The credit problem analyzer will automate a report that will easily show you the discrepancies between the credit bureaus, so you know where to start with your disputes.
It saves you time when downloading and uploading your client’s credit report because a single click will have your it imported and available in the software.
An exclusive feature that can automate your checking on what has been deleted from your client’s previous report once you have a new report available.
This will help you check and, at the same time, update your clients right away on the progress of your dispute.

Dispute Engine & Automations

Dispute fast with credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors. Upload your letters quickly, print your letters without going to the post office, or bulk print all of your letters with one click.

Benefit: Our dispute manager screen allows you to easily dispute with furnishers and even use the information available within the software.

This will save you time in creating, editing, and building your letters with more ease and have them ready to be sent out.
You can create your own customized dispute letters or upload ones you are already using in our letter vault and use them anytime you do your disputes.
It saves you a lot of time as this feature eliminates the manual task of printing, arranging, and mailing your letters and will also let you do everything without leaving the comforts of your home.
Our integration with letterstream saves you time as you no longer need to go to the post office to send out your letters and helps you to easily keep track of the letters you mailed.

Digital Signature & Automation

Upload your own or use our free automated CROA disclosures and customer, pay per deletion contracts. Automatically capture the customer’s signature on the contract during the onboarding process. In addition, learn how to build the contract from a compliance attorney.
It helps you to easily start your business with the availability of contract templates that you can use for your clients.
Upload your custom contracts that will best suit your company’s needs and be able to use them in the software
Creating your own good faith estimate within the software and adding them to your contracts will start you offering Pay-Per-Deletion services in no time.
This will help you have full documentation and add the necessary disclosures to be compliant and in line with the law.

Affiliate & Client Portal

Keep your clients updated on their progress using the client tracking portal mobile application and desktop version. Clients can also send you documents and referrals quickly. In addition, affiliates can send you referrals and check their commissions with one click.
This will provide your clients a convenient and on-the-go platform to easily check their progress, get updates and even reach out to you on their mobile phones.
This will help you strengthen your relationship with your clients as you can update their progress in real-time, and they have access to it around the clock.
Your clients can easily communicate with you through their own tracking portal by sending you the documents you need and even send you referrals that will help you grow your business.
Make it easier for your affiliates to send you their referrals, and at the same time, educate them on how to promote your business.
Your affiliates can view, track, and manage their commissions, increasing their efficiency and showing them how great a partner you are in the business.

Capture Leads

Grow your company with all of the lead capture functions. Use quick lead capture to input new leads fast. Implement the website lead, auto-sign up, and affiliate lead form to bring in 1,000 leads while you are sleeping.
This will help you make sure that you don’t let any opportunity go.
Generate leads online using various platforms and have them automatically added to the software.
Another great way to market your business is through your own website and have your form there so you can gather leads even while you sleep.
Close more leads with this fully automated feature where leads can sign up on your website and receive the contract to start doing business with you right away.
Another easy integration in your website that will get you more affiliates and expand your business through their referrals.

Pay Per Deletion & Automation

Without pay-per-deletion features, you can offer quick good faith estimates of pay-per-deletion contracts. In addition, you can email your pay-per-deletion good faith estimates, create invoices and build them manually.
Another service you can offer is PPD, and our software will help you set up your pricing and let you modify your offers at any time.
Have different kinds of contracts available for different services you offer with the rates you choose to have.
This will help you to create and build an offer fast for your PPD services.
This will help you to be flexible with what your clients use and have various alternatives to offer.
You can easily create an invoice for your clients directly from the results screen when you update deleted accounts.

More Automations

Automate most of your tasks in your business with our various automation such as text messages, automated nurturing emails to your customers, dispute status updates, credit score updates, and connecting to 1,000 other applications through Zapier.
Integrating with other platforms that you are using for other aspects of your business will help you automate tasks and save tons of time going back and forth.
Communicate with your clients faster and effectively through text to help you foster a stronger relationship with them.
This will help you make your customers feel valued via continuous engagement and education without actually calling them.
Let your clients know you are in action and making things move for them to gain their trust and build your credibility.
This will save you time reaching out to your clients and help you make sure they know that your efforts are producing results.

Free Training and Support

Need training? We got you covered. Explore all of our free dispute, startup business, lead generation, and support training; everything you need to be successful at starting and running a credit restoration business.
This will help you understand how you can use the different dispute letters and campaigns so that you can maximize them for better disputing.
Growing your credit repair company becomes easier with the help of our videos and resources on how you can start and thrive in the industry.
As you are starting your business, we have a dedicated team of support agents available seven days a week who will provide you with the assistance and training you need to use the software.

All the Support you Need

Get personal walkthroughs and chat with us by phone, email, software chat or website chat 7 days a week.

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