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Client Dispute Manager Software (Included: Free)

The first step when starting a credit repair business is getting the right cloud-based business software that will help you to run your business with ease. Client Dispute Manager can help you with this through its rich automated features such as the Client auto signup, Import of various credit reports, Credit audits, Zapier, Text messaging, Automated dispute sending, Customer status change on the fly, bulk email sending, built-in email nurturing campaigns, outsourcing and bulk printing. Whether you are a startup or established credit Repair Company, the Client Dispute Manager Business software can help you grow and learn the platform through its step-by-step training videos on each screen.

Credit Repair Training (Included: Free)

The second step to running a successful credit repair business is understanding the basics of credit repair. If you don’t understand how to read a credit report and send out a proper dispute, you could create problems for your customer when it comes to disputes. We know that some startups are on a budget, and that is why we have added basic credit repair training in the Client Dispute Manager software. That’s right, you can learn how to do credit repair right in the software, and it’s totally free. You will learn the full dispute process from start to finish. How to read, break down a credit report, get it ready for disputing and how to know which letter to send based on your customer’s credit report.

Business Training (Included: Free)

The third step in running a successful credit repair business is understanding the business itself. Running this business is just like any other business. If you don’t know the in’s and out, your business can fail quickly. The Client Dispute Manager has its own inbuilt business-learning center, and this will save you 100 of hours in time and thousands of dollars in buying business-learning products. The business learning section consists of over 74 HD videos, teaching you everything you need to know about the credit repair business. Topics such as; The state and Federal laws, contracts, legal, website creation, acquiring your first customer, managing your time, advertising, marketing, pricing, and much more.

Lead Generation (Included: Free)

The fourth step to running a credit repair business is knowing how to generate and convert leads to customers. This area has always been a challenge to new and established credit repair companies. Without a constant flow of leads, your business will never grow. The Client Dispute Manager will help you to solve this issue with its 25 HD lead generation step by step over the shoulder videos. The training will teach you the following; website design, landing pages, YouTube, and Facebook marketing. How to gain customers through car magnets, networking with affiliates, and other partners. This type of training would cost you a fortune, but you get it free within the Client Dispute Manager software.

Help Move Your Customer’s over (Included: Free)

Are you unhappy with your current software provider? Maybe they don’t have what you need to take your business to the next level. If you have a vast customer database but too scared to move them over, no problem, we will help you make this process as seamless as possible. Once you export and prepare your CSV file based on our instructions, we would take over from there. Send us your login credentials; get your CSV file ready, and we will upload all of your customers for you. This will save you a lot of time and headaches by allowing our experienced support staff to upload your CSV file to the Client Dispute Manager software. The complete process from start to finish should not take more than 24 hours.

Credit Card Merchant Account Partners (Included: Free)

Once you start taking on customers, you will need a way to process credit card payments. You can’t use PayPal, Stripe or Square or your traditional banks like Wells, Fargo, or Chase because they don’t process for the credit repair industry. Although, a few selected banks approve credit repair companies to take debit and credit cards. We have teamed up with two merchant providers with which we will assist you with being approved for a merchant account. Once you are approved, you will be able to accept credit cards through the Client Dispute Manager software connected to your account.

Support Channels (Included: Free)

When you have a problem with the software, and you need help ASAP, we are always here to assist you. Many customers have complained about other platforms poor support through their system. We know how important this is to you, and that is why we have created multiple support channels where we can help you to solve your problems. Our support is available seven days a week, and if you need help, we can help you through the following:

  • 30 minutes one on one walkthroughs. – Unlimited.
  • 1-hour onboarding. One time for paid members.
  • Software chat support.
  • Software help screen through our ticket system with 24-hour turnaround.
  • Website chat.
  • Email.
  • Facebook private group.
  • Facebook messenger.
  • Real-time limited phone support.

Outsourcing Partners (Included: Free)

Outsourcing your dispute work can save you a lot of time if you prefer it to be handed off and let someone else do the work for you. This approach allows you to focus on marketing, advertising, and business growth.We have a list of outsourcers that can work for you at a reasonable rate. The Client Dispute Manager has a built-in feature that would allow you to track the outsourcer’s work daily. To get access to this list, you must be an active software member. Once you become a member, send us a support ticket, and we will get that list out to you. You will then interview the outsourcers and choose whom you would like to work with.

Credit Monitoring and Extra Streams of Income (Included: Free)

There are multiple ways of growing your credit repair business and earning an additional stream of Income. Offering credit monitoring with affiliate programs attached is one sure way that you can make more money in this industry. There are a lot of credit monitoring companies on the market, but only a few of them offer some sort of affiliate program that will allow you to earn when you refer the program to your customer and they sign up. Right now, the Client Dispute Manager software is integrated with three credit monitoring companies: Smart Credit, Identity IQ, and Privacy guard. Smart Credit and Identity IQ are the only companies that have an affiliate program attached. They both have great commission payment out.

Free Resources and Training
(Included: Free)

One of the things that most of our customers like about the Client Dispute Manager Software is our free resources and training. If you put a price tag on the value of the free training, you would be saving yourself around 10,000 dollars. Most credit repair teachers would you charge you anywhere from $100.00 to $5,000 for the type of training that you are going to receive when you become an active Client Dispute Manager superstar. Listed below are some of the free resources and training that we offer for free.
Access to the following free resources and training:

  • Access to our library of vendors.
  • The dispute process.
  • Legal information.
  • Sales scripts.
  • Client management.
  • Pre-recorded coaching sessions.
  • Lead generation group.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • Mentors that will help you grow your business.
  • Over 50 workshops pertaining to the credit repair business.
  • Free credit repair business meetings online every two weeks.
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