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1 Click Print Automation
Mobile App/Client Tracking Portal

Smart Interviewer

The software will automatically interview your customer.

Client Auto Signup

The software will onboard your customer while you sleep.

Lead Capture Forms

Captures leads through your site while you sleep.

Quick Import

Import your customers’ credit report with 1 click.

Credit Analysis

Build a detailed credit analysis in 60 seconds.

Credit Analyzer

The software will find all of the issues on the report in 1 click.

Card Captured

Capture the customer’s credit card information during the onboarding process.

Pay Per Deletion

Build a good faith estimate in less than 30 seconds.

1 Click Print Automation

Automate letter sending with 1 click

Nurturing Email

Automatically nurture customers with built in emails.

Fast Checker

Check to see what was deleted with 1 click.

On-Demand Check

Print checks on demand 24 hours a day. connection

Connect and set up your Recurring credit card billing.

Text Messenger

Quickly communicate with customers through text messages.


Automate and integrate with 1,000 of 3rd party applications.

Client Tracking Portal

Clients can check their status 24/7.

Affiliate Portal

Affiliate can send referrals 24/7.

Credit Repair Training

Free training on the dispute process for success.

Business Learning Training

74 HD videos on how to Start-Run and Scale your business.

Lead Generation Training

Learn secret lead generation strategies for success.

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Earn and Extra of Income

Choose your credit monitor partner and earn a commission for every customer you sign up.

Get Your Merchant Account

Quickly sign up with one of our partners to get your merchant account and start taking credit cards.


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