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Functions Efficiently on All Devices

This feature aids in the Harnessing of the 100% functionality of the Client Dispute Manager. Take absolute control of your business wherever and whenever with this amazing feature of the Client Dispute Manager. Take advantage and enjoy the comfort and efficiency that comes with the 24 hours available Client Dispute Manager that can be accessed from all forms of smart devices like your phones, tablets, mac, and your PC.

Cloud-Based Software

Nothing has ever been more secure than our Cloud-based Client Dispute Manager. This feature of the Client Dispute Manager saves you the hassle of downloading the software every time when needed. You just have tosimply log into the Cloud-based Client Dispute Manager wherever you are and with whatever device you’re using. Safety and security of your data is not an issue as all files are automatically backed up onto our secure servers powered by Amazon.

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Running a Credit Repair Business Training

In the credit card repair business, you have to “Learn before you Earn”. This is a basic intrinsic knowledge of extremely valuable essence which isrequired for a successful career in this field. Without this basic knowledge, you might just be setting up your credit repair business to fail. A video-based series is included in the Client Dispute Manager.This professionally crafted visual aid will teach you everything you need to run a successful credit repair business. This training comes at zero cost, yes, it is absolutely free.

Credit Repair Training

Having a perfect understanding of how to professionally handle a credit repair is the most daunting and important aspect of your credit repair business. It is practically impossible to have a successful career in the credit repair business without learning the rudiments of disputing. This is a hole the credit dispute manager will readily fill. The credit dispute manager software is your one-stop help and self-development aid that will help you learn and understand the processes of disputing from the basic to the most advanced level. You will be step-wisely taught how to read and decipher a credit report like a professional. This training can also be acquired freely inside the software.

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Lead Generation

The importance of lead generation to any business can never be overemphasized. Lead generation is the beating heart of any business and the very oxygen that sustains it. If a business fails to generate leads, such business is heading for ruins. The good thing is, the Credit Dispute Manager is set-up to readily and efficiently help you out with this. The credit Dispute Manager will provide you with both an unbeatable online and offline tested and proven strategies of how to effortlessly and effectively generate leads. With these lead generation strategies at the tip of your fingers, your credit card repair business can only get better.

Credit Analysis/Automated/Manual Builder

Time is always of essence in whatever field of the business world you find yourself. It is therefore expedient to know how to beat time in other to stay ahead of your competitions. Manually building a credit analysis is highly time-consuming, this operation takes nothing less than an hour or two. This same daunting and time-consuming feat can be achieved in less than 15 seconds with the credit card analysis builder. This lightning speed automated analysis can only the done using Privacy Guard, Identity IQ, and Credit Reports. Creating a credit analysis with any credit report can also be done using the manual credit analysis builder.

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Credit Report Importer

The credit report importer is the surest and fastest channel for acquiring your client’s erroneous and inaccurate credit items. Your client’s data acquisition in the credit card repair business has never been so flexible and efficient. With the advent of the credit report importer, hours of stressful and inefficient imputing manually of your customer’s credit details are long gone. You can now enjoy the ease of an automated analysis of your client’s credit report and import collection accounts, charge-offs, inquiries, public records, late payments and any other incorrect information in less than six minutes. Such efficiency and functionality have never been more needed.

Credit Reports You Can Import:
Privacy guard.
Identity IQ.

Credit Report Problem Analyzer

With the incorporation of the credit report problem analyzer in your work arsenal, you will be working smarter and more efficiently than ever. As a credit repair expert, thefirst step to solving a credit dispute is the studying and breaking down of the credit report. A grand understanding of what is accurate and inaccurate is indispensably needed to resolve your first dispute as a credit repair expert. The collection and analysis of this reports and data can be tiring and highly time-consuming. Your priceless time and effort can be saved by employing our amazing credit report problem analyzer. This software is outrageously amazing, it will automatically analyze the credit monitoring report for you and provide a detail report of all of the inconsistencies across all three credit bureaus.

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Digital Signature Contracts/CROA Disclosures

Why waste your hard-earned cash paying extra monthly fees for a digital signature contract platform that will only allow you a few numbers of digital signatures for your customers? Guess what, better days are here. You can now send an unlimited number of digital signature contract right from the Client Dispute Manager straight from any of your devices for no extra or hidden cost. Isn’t that just amazing?

The Credit Repair Organization Act is a law that regulates the actions of credit repair companies. It states that before you can render any services for your customer, you must give them the: Sec.405 Disclosure Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law. The Client Manager Dispute software will automate this disclosure and send your customer a copy at literally no extra cost.

Client Auto Sign Up/Website Lead Form

Credit repair business just got even better with our Client auto sign up feature. Take advantage of the fully automated and rapid feature of our Client Dispute Manager. Take out the stress of manually signing up every customer in need of your services today. This can be done more rapidly and efficiently with our Client Dispute Managers’ client’s auto sign up function. The auto sign up process is well laid out in self-explanatory steps that can only be as easy as it is. Your prospective customers will fill out a website lead form after which a contract will be automatically sent to their email. Once this is done and they receive the contract, the software will carefully guide them through the step wise sign up process in no time.

Ever thought lead capturing was an insurmountable task? You need to take a rethink with our website lead form. With our unbeatably efficient website lead form feature, lead generation is as simple as customers filling out their contact information on your website and clicking a submit icon and their information’s will be automatically sent to you through the software. This is sincerely as easy as lead generation can ever get.

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Client Tracking Portal

This is an awesome feature that helps keep your customers in the loop at all times. In the client portal, your customers can actively log in 24 hours a day to view their current credit score, track all items that are being disputed by you, send and receive messages and documents to and from your company and also send you referrals. The client’s portal can also be customized to suit your personal taste, it can be personalized through the incorporation of your company’s logo, colors and contact information’s. Tune your customer impression and outlook up a notch with this amazing feature of the client dispute manager.

Affiliate Tracking Portal

Are you thinking of bringing on affiliates to promote leads and increase sales for your credit repair business? The Client Dispute Manager as an already made provision to facilitate this. The affiliate portal is a channel through which contracted affiliates can have access to log in 24/7 with their personally allocated username and password. This feature enables easy lead redirecting to your website for your affiliates and an efficient monitoring system to track their commissions.

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Manual and Automate Email System

Keeping your customers in the loop by sending out constant email notifications is an essential ingredient for a successful career in the credit repair business. Our highly sophisticated email system will allow you to do this effectively while saving you a shipload of time. The Client Dispute Manager Email system is highly user-friendly as it can run on both manual and automated operation. The system has nine automationsand 21 manually triggered emails that cover the following: welcome introduction, credit score improvement, past due bills, new dispute rounds went out, new deletions and more.

Email Nurturing Campaign

Establishing a lasting relationship with yourclients is the only way to build a lasting successful career and earn a reasonable profit in the credit repair business. There is no better way to build such important relationships than through a constant well-planned email nurturing campaign. The email nurturing campaign feature of the Client Dispute Manager is a key component that will go a long way in propelling your business brand forward and building a life-long relationship with your various clients. The email nurturing campaign will constantly educate your clients on latest developments and also give them a sense of belonging as a stakeholder and partner in your credit repair business. Remember, when your customers are happy, you will also ultimately be happy. All these amazing benefits can the taken advantage of by the click of just one button on the Client Dispute Manager.

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Track all Emails Sent

A proper record keeping is the true hallmark of a successful business. Proper record keeping will give you a good grasp of your business performance over a long time. You can easily keep track and view all emails sent to your various customers ensuring 100% efficiency in your business performance and customer care service with an email tracking feature. The Client Dispute Manager software allows for easy viewing of all emails before sending and tracking of all sent emails with the date and time of posting.

Send Emails with Your Company Email Address

Give your credit repair business a personalized professional branding by sending emails to your customers with either your personal or the company’s email. The Client Dispute Manager has an inbuilt feature which supports this function. You can easily turn off the software’s internal email and enable your personal or the company’s email on the manage email page of the Client Dispute Manager.

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Billing and Integration

It is paramount to keep track of your various customers and their monthly payment plans. This amazing feature of the Client Dispute Manager will help you keep a record of customers who are yet to pay up their monthly bills. This is quite easy to go about, all you need do is click on a box in the customer area. This will give a red mark sign, indicating that such customer hasn’t paid their monthly bill. You can now easily keep track of these customers who are yet to pay their bill with the activated red mark sign. This feat can also be achieved by integrating your account to fully automate your entire billing effort with your various clients.

Automated Billing Reminder

It might be quite difficult for your various clients to keep track of their monthly bill due dates probably because of their tight schedules. Prompt payment of your customer’s monthly bills is of an essence, this is the major reason why a reminder is needed to notify your customer when their various monthly bill dates are due. There is an automated billing reminder incorporated inside the client dispute manager that will notify your customers when their monthly billing is due.

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Pay Per Deletion Automation Builder

When you do a good job, it is only fair you get paid accordingly. This feature will help you rake in a reasonable profit when you do a good job. It is an amazing lucrative income driven model if all customers pay promptly and it is in 100% compliance with the Credit Repair Organization Act. This profit-generating feature works in a way whereby you get paid by your customer when you successfully delete any inaccurate information from their credit report. Before initiating this feature, it is expedient you give your customers a Good Faith Estimate based on their credit report. The client dispute manager is an all in one package as it is equipped with both a default Pay Per-Deletion contract and also Pay Per-Deletion Good Faith Estimation Builder. Your good faith estimate can be automated on the software at an instant or you can personally decide to build a manual one.

Outsourcing Feature

Are buried under a piled heap of work and you can’t meet up with your customer’s demands? Don’t be disturbed, Client Dispute Manager got you covered. You can save yourself a lot of time and still meet up with all your customer’s needs with this amazing outsourcing feature. This feature will help you keep a close tab on all your outsourced job, monitoring everything action taken on your client’s credit report right from your device. This feature will help you keep your customers, save you a shipload of time and ultimately help you rake in profit. You have nothing to lose.

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Over 290 Dispute Letters

Having a variety of dispute letter to select from is a feature you definitely want to have in your credit repair arsenal. This feature makes disputing a lot more fun than it should be. There are varieties of professionally crafted dispute letters ranging from basic to advanced letters. You can also get to preview these letters before use on our Client Dispute Manager software. This is one feature you definitely don’t want to pass on.

Your Own Letters

Customization is a highly coveted feature in the business world. It enables you to brand and present your business just the way you seem fit. The Client Dispute Manager has a feature that caters for the customization of your own dispute letter. You can now copy, paste and upload you personally crafted dispute letter alongside the software’s 290 pre-written and tested dispute letters. You will also be able to track and monitor your customized dispute letter like the software’s 290 other dispute letters.

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Dispute Flow Letters

Do you need to increase your efficiency and execute orders at a much faster rate? This feature is strategically designed to aid a faster disputing process without wasting much time on the topic of credit repair. This feature is created with six different letters designed to span over a six-month period increasing your order execution rate and efficiency. These professionally pre-written letters are specially created to trigger certaindesired reactions from the credit bureau, creditors, and collectors.

Dispute Campaigns

Are you confused on what items are inaccurate and those to dispute or what letter order is appropriate to dispute the items in? The client dispute manager has been incorporated with a fool’s proof measure to assist you with such specific matters. 20 different dispute campaign letters have been installed into the software from which you can pick a most suitable one that fits your cause best. Each campaign consists of six letters in order, numbering from one to six. Each letter represents 30-40 days and they serve as a building block for one another.

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General Letters

Whatever your end goal is, general letters are designed to suit various needs and purposes. This will work best for you if you’re more into choosing your own letters and probably you’re not a big fan of structure. These general letters are sure to meet your needs whatever they may be. For even a better performance, you can combine general letters with dispute flow letters, campaigns and manual letters to give the desired outcome.

Dispute Reason Tracker

This feature helps you keep a proper track record of every dispute reason provided by your customer on why their accounts are inaccurate. This dispute reasons will be filed in each letter you send to your customers. Keeping a proper track record of all dispute reason is very vital, it helps to prevent the mistake of filing the wrong dispute reason in letters sent to your clients. This feature of the software helps you track every dispute reason that you send out to clients ensuring no repetition of reason occur when a customer files a different reason for credit dispute. With this software feature at your grasp, perfection and efficiency are just within your reach.

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Letter vault

The best choices are made when there is a large sample of options to pick from. Get a suitable letter that meets your disputing requirement from our large sample of over 295 pre-written letters. The letter vault is your sure bet for your best of professionally crafted dispute letters. The letter vault is the storage site for all letters in the client dispute manager along with bonus letters such as debt settlement, identity theft, medical bills and child support.

Letter editor and customization

What if I told you there is a quick and effective way to get a fast resolution of all your credit inaccuracies by the credit bureau? The secret to this is simply letter customization. As simple and intangible as this may seem to you, it efficiently does the trick. If the appearance of your dispute letters seems like one filed by a credit repair agency, the credit bureau will flag it as frivolous. This will result in your credit dispute being neglected and uninvestigated. With the help of the letter editor, the credit bureau supercomputer detector can easily be bypassed by adding colors, underline and bold to the text. This letter customization makes letters appear unconventional and unique, raising no form of suspicion or whatever.

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Follow-up Letter Due and Track

This is a notification system that keeps you updated and enables you to be pro-active in your service delivery. The follow-up letter due notification will alert you through the software and email when a second round follow up is due. This notification is usually received after 30 days has passed and it’s a due time for the credit bureau to have sent you updates.

Fast Checker

Increase the speed and accuracy with which your services are delivered with this amazing feature of the dispute manager. The stress of logging in into your customer’s credit monitor every month to check for deletion updates will be a thing of the past with this feature of the dispute manager. The fast checker will directly cross check all your old credit report and your new credit report and automatically display all deleted account along with the new credit score. This is a very useful and important tool you definitely need to run an effective credit repair business.

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Lead Tracker

Having a correct and updated record of all your leads and their sources is quite a daunting task to achieve. With the new lead tracker feature, this as became as easy as it can be. Keep a proper and effective track of your leads from various areas including quick leads, website leads, affiliate leads, and client referral leads. Track and organize this lead by simply inputting them into your system. You will never lose track of your lead with this feature in your grasp.

Quick Lead

Efficiently generating and keeping records of your leads is a key factor to a successful credit repair business. Increase your leads without stress within the snap of a finger with the quick lead feature. This function enables you to add a customer’s information to your database in a matter of seconds.

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Document Management System

This feature allows for a very flexible and efficient management of your customer’s document and other data’s. With this feature, clients can easily get their document across to you through the client tracking portal. This sent documents will appear on the software under the customer profile. You can also upload and preview documents from your client’s profile. The document manager is fitted with a 10GB memory space to enable proper data management.


Do you experience difficulties remembering to notify your customer to pay their bills or send you important documents? This reminder problem could cause more damages than expected. Save yourself and business from unforeseen havocs by taking advantage of our reminder feature which automatically updates you by email when a reminder is set for any month of the year, week of the month or day of the week.

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Notification System

A constant notification of various activities going on in your account will enhance your efficiency and quality delivery. Getting these very important notifications are essential as it keeps you in the knowledge of what your client’s demand of you and other important information. A notification system has been implemented in the software which notifies you by email when you have a new lead, when it’s time to follow up with a new round, when you receive new documents from your customers and other notifications.


The key to any successful business is a properly planned management system. A well-planned management system allows for proper monitoring of staffs and their performances. This feature of the client dispute manager allows you to add up to 25 employees to the list of eligible individuals who can have access to the software. Each employee will have their individual passwords and usernames which they will use to log unto the software during their shifts. This feature also allows you to monitor their operations, performances and times at which they were logged in and out of the software.

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Roles and Permissions

For privacy and employee training purposes, this feature could serve a whole lot of purpose in aiding the progress of your business. Privacy and restriction of employee’s to certain areas really matters most times to most software owners. This feature enables the limitation and restrictions of access of individuals on the platform by the software owner. Restrictions can be removed by the owner of the software whenever he/she deems fits, granting full access to employees or other individuals making use of the software.

Credit Score Tracker

Losing track of your customer’s credit score is totally unethical and unprofessional. This could lead to a loss of your several important clients or probably run at a financial loss. Up your credit repair business game with our credit score tracker. You no longer have to manually take notes of various customers’ credit scores, the credit score tracker allows you to keep an updated record of your customer’s credit score, update them and also send your clients email with their new updated scores.

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Communication is a paramount factor that plays a key role in the progress of any business. Proper communication with your client is a feat any business owner should always look to achieve as it will geometrically increase your productivity and quality of service. The message feature of the software allows you to communicate efficiently with your customers. Your various clients can easily reach you by sending you messages through the client tracking portal. The messages once sent, will appear automatically on the software and in your email.

Activity Log

This feature constantly keeps you in the loop and connected to every activity and updates on your client’s files. It enables you to keep track and control all activities regarding your client’s data. This distinguishing feature also facilitates good record keeping as it enables you to update new information like call logs and emails from your customers unto your activity log so as to not forget. This feature will most definitely increase your productivity and efficiency.

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