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Works on All Devices

Take the Client Dispute Manager on the go with you and log in from any device that you have present at the time. The Client Dispute Manager can be viewed from a cell phone, tablet, Mac computer, PC, or any other device. Having the ability to log in from anywhere in the world allows you, as a business owner, to take your business on the road with peace of mind.


The Client Dispute Manage is Cloud-Based software. This means that software downloads to your local computer are not required. You can log into the Client Dispute Manager from any computer and any location. The beauty of cloud-based software is that all files are automatically backed up onto our secure servers powered by Amazon.

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Running a Credit Repair Business Training

Before opening your doors to the world, you must know the basics of running a credit repair business. Without this information, you could be headed down the wrong path. The Client Dispute Manager will teach you everything you need to know about running a credit repair business through our video-based series. The good thing about this training is that it’s free and included in the software.

Credit Repair Training

Knowing how to do credit repair is the most crucial part of your credit repair business. How can you run a credit repair business if you don’t know the basics of disputing? This is where the Client Dispute Manager comes in. With the software, you will learn the process of disputing, from basic to advanced level. We will teach you various aspects of how to read a credit report. This training is also free inside the software.

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Lead Generation

Gaining customers is the bloodline of any business, but for some reason, business owners do not take lead generation serious. If you don’t know how to get leads, your business won’t be open for long. In the Client Dispute Manager, we provide you with online and offline strategies on how to generate leads for your customers.

Credit Analysis/Automated/Manual Builder

We all know that it could take you anywhere from one to two hours to do a credit analysis manually. Those days are over. The credit analysis builder will build your analysis in less than 15 seconds flat.  But you can only build automated analysis with Privacy Guard, Identity IQ and Credit Check Total Credit Reports. If you want to build a credit analysis with any credit report, you can use the manual credit analysis builder.

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Credit Report Importer

The days of manually imputing your client’s inaccurate items into the credit repair software are over. The credit report importer is nowhere,and it will save you hours of time. With this importer, you can analyze your client’s credit report and import collection accounts, charge-offs, inquiries, public records, late payments and any other derogatory information in less than six minutes.

Credit Reports You Can Import:
Credit Check Total.
Privacy guard.
Identity IQ.

Credit Report Problem Analyzer

Studying and breaking down the credit report is the first thing you would do as a credit repair expert. You have to understand what is accurate and what is inaccurate to prepare and execute your first dispute. Before you start disputing, you have to gather all of the data from the report, and it’s time-consuming and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. But with our new feature, the “Credit Report Problem Analyzer”, the software will automatically analyze the credit monitoring report for you and provide a detail report of all of the inconsistencies across all three credit bureaus.

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Digital Signature Contracts/CROA Disclosures

Are you tired of paying monthly fees for the use of a digital signature contract platform that would allow you a set number of digital signatures for your customers? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. Now you can send unlimited digital signature contracts right from the Client Dispute Manager Software without any extra cost.

The Credit Repair Organization Act is a law that regulates credit repair companies. It states that before you can render any services for your customer, you must give them the: Sec.405 Disclosure Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law. The software will automate this disclosure and send your customer a copy.

Client Auto Sign Up/Website Lead Form

This feature allows a customer to signup for your credit repair program without ever talking with you or your staff. The great thing about this feature is that it’s all automated. Here is the journey the customer would go through. They would fill out a website lead form, and a contract would be sent to their email. Once they get the contract, the software will guide them through the sign-up process.

What if I told you that you could capture leads while you sleep? What if I told you that all a customer would have to do is come to your site, input their contact information and hit submit, and their information would be sent to you through the software. The website lead form would allow your leads to do just that and it’s straightforward to set up.

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Client Portal

In the client portal, your customer can login 24/7 to view their current credit scores, track all items that are being disputed by you, send and receive messages from your company, send and receive documents from your company and send you referrals. You can also brand the portal with your company colors, logo and contact information.

Affiliate Portal

Once you bring on an affiliate, they need a way to send you customers. That is where the affiliate portal comes in. With this portal, affiliates will get their own usernames and passwords so that they can log into the portal 24/7 to send you leads and track their commissions.

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Manual and Automate Email System

In this new email system, you can now send out manual and automated emails right from the software saving you a boatload of time. The system has nine automated and 21 manually triggered emails that cover the following: welcome introduction, credit score improvement, past due bills, new dispute rounds went out, new deletions and more.

Email Nurturing Campaign

The number one way for you to keep your customers happy is to nurture them and take care of them. You do this by educating them through daily, weekly, and monthly emails. When you stay in touch with your customers, they remain on board with your company longer. When you ignore them, you will see a high cancellation rate. The Client Dispute Manager has an automated email nurturing campaign that you can turn on with a click of a button.

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Track all Emails Sent

What if I told you that you could track and view every email that you send to your customer? Tracking emails sent is essential because you can tell whether an employee sent an email or not. Well, in the Client Dispute Manager software, you can view the email before sending and track it with date and time posted.

Send Emails with Your Company Email Address

Do you want to turn off the software’s internal emails and send all emails using your personal or company email? Well, you can do that inside of the Client Dispute Manager Software. When you use your own email, it makes your company look professional to your customers. The process is simple, and you can turn this feature on through the manage email page.

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Billing and Integration

If you have no way of tracking customers who do not pay their monthly bill, no problem because the software will assist you with tracking customers who fail to pay their monthly bill. All you have to do is click one box in the customer area, and it marks that client as red. Now when you log in, you will know that this client has not paid. Also, you can integrate your account to automate your entire billing efforts with all clients fully.

Automated Billing Reminder

Because customers are so busy today, it’s essential that we remind them when their monthly bill is due. If we fail to do this simple task, it could result in the failure of your customer’s payment. Inside of the Client Dispute Manager, we have an automated billing reminder that will notify your customer when their monthly billing is due.

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Pay Per Deletion Automation

Pay Per Deletion is a 100% compliant with the Credit Repair Organization Act, and it’s a lucrative income driven model if all customers pay on time. The way Pay Per Deletion works is that the customer will pay for your services after you get inaccurate information removed from their credit report. But before you can start the process, you need to give the customer a Good Faith Estimate based ontheir credit report. The software comes with a default Pay Per Deletion contract and the Pay Per Deletion Good Faith Estimation Builder. You can automate your Good Faith Estimates, or you can build a manual one.

Outsourcing Feature

If you like the entire processes of credit repair but prefer someone else do it for you, then this feature is for you. Because outsourcing can save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, we have integrated a small outsourcing feature that allows you to be notified about every action that is performed on your customer’s file.

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Over 290 Dispute Letters

Do you like to have a variety of dispute letters to choose from? Do you love the process of disputing? Well, in the Client Dispute Manager, you have over 290 dispute letters readily available. Not only do you have access to basic and advanced letters, but you can now also preview the letters before picking one. This is a very useful feature.

Your Own Letters

Do have your own letters that have worked for you in the past? Would you like to use those letters along with over 290 of the software proven pre-written letters? Well, with the Client Dispute Manager, you can now copy and paste or upload your own letters right into the software. Once you upload your letters, you will be able to track them and monitor them just like the populated letters that are already in the software.

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Dispute Flow Letters

This strategy is designed for disputing fast without a lot of studies on the topic of credit repair. It consists of 6 different letters ranging over a six-month time. These letters are designed to trigger specific reactions from the credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors.

Dispute Campaigns

Not sure of what item to dispute or what letter order, you should dispute the item in? Well, the dispute manager will assist you by providing you with 20 different dispute campaign letters to choose from. Each campaign consists of six letters in order; from one to six. Each letter represents 30-40 days, and they build on one another.

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General Letters

If you don’t like structure and you prefer to pick and choose your own letters, then the general letters will be the best strategy for you. These letters are designed for different situations depending on your Need. You can mix and match these letters with the dispute flow letters, campaigns, and manual letters.

Dispute Reason Tracker

While performing your credit repair task, your client will provide you with different dispute reasons on why an account is inaccurate. You must include those dispute reasons in each letter that you send out. The software can now track every dispute reason that you send out to your client,so you don’t repeat the same dispute reason if your client reports a different dispute reason to you.

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Letter vault

The letter vault contains over 295 letters you can pull from, at any time. In the vault, you can customize and print individual letters that meet your disputing requirements.Letter vault contains all of the letters in the dispute manager along with bonus letters such as debt settlement, identity theft, medical bills and child support.

Letter editor and customization

Want to know the trick to getting around the credit bureau’s supercomputers? The answer is letter customization. If the credit bureau feels that your disputes are coming from a credit repair agency, they will flag the disputes as frivolous and refuse to investigate them. With the letter editor, you can customize each dispute by adding color, underlining and bold to the text. This customization allows the letter to appear unique versus a standard boilerplate letter.

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Follow-up Letter Due and Track

Follow up letter due notification system will alert you when a follow-up letter is due through the software and by email. Once you are notified, you can now follow up with your second round of disputes as the 30 days has passed for the credit bureaus to send you updates.

Fast Checker

Are you tired of logging into your customer’s credit monitor every month, checking for new deletions? If the answer is yes, then the Client Dispute Manager will solve your problem. The fast checker feature will compare your old credit report with your new credit report and display all of the deleted accounts along with the new credit score.

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Lead Tracker

The lead tracker feature tracks leads from the following areas; quick leads, website leads, affiliate leads, and client referral leads. Whenever you input a lead into the system, the lead tracker will track and organize them for you. With this feature, you will never lose track of your leads.

Quick Lead

Have you ever been on the phone with a customer, and realized that you needed to add their information to the software before they get off the phone? Well, with the quick lead feature, you can quickly add the customer’s information to the software within seconds.

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Document Management System

Now your client can send you documents through the client tracking portal and as a result, they will land in the software under that customer profile. You can also upload and preview documents from your client’s profile. With the document manager, you get 10GB of space.


Need to remind yourself that a customer needs to send a document or pay a bill?It is no problem. The reminder feature will allow you to set reminders for any month or day of the week. It will also notify you by email on the reminder day.

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Notification System

Being notified of various actions that take place in the software is very important to your business. We know this, so we implemented the notification system that will notify you by email when you have a new lead, when it’s time to follow up with a new round, when you receive new documents from your customers and other notifications.


This feature allows you to add up to 25 employees. Each employee will receive a username and password so that they can log into the software at their scheduled shift times. You can also track when the employee login and when they log out.

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Roles and Permissions

Setting restrictions on what an employee can and cannot do is very important to a software owner. With this feature, you can set permissions to allow employees to view and access specific pages in the software. This is a useful feature if you want to train a new employee on a specific function before you give them full access.

Credit Score Tracker

Tracking your customer’s credit scores is very important to your business and your customers. We know this, so we have implemented a credit score tracker feature. This feature allows you to track your customer’s credit scores, update them, and send your customer an email with their new updated scores.

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This feature allows you to communicate back and forth with your client through the software. Your client can send you messages through the client tracking portal. Once the message is sent, it will appear in the software and your email box.

Activity Log

This feature allows you to track all activities regarding your client’s file. For example, if your client calls or emails you with valuable information regarding their report, you can update their activity log with this new information so you would never forget.

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