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30 Tips for Running Your Credit Repair Business

Anyone with credit repair experience can start a credit repair business. But the key to being successful in the industry is knowing all the moving parts that are involved. In this free 30-day free class, wewill teach you step-by-step, what you need to know about running a credit repair business. You will be sent an email daily with a new tip and training, helping you to learn what you need to know at a manageable pace. (email training)

The Dispute Process

The first step in your journey to earning $10,000 a month as a credit repair business owner is knowing the basics of credit repair. You need to be an expert; you need to know the basics. Without knowing how and why you need to dispute an item on a customer’s credit report can create problems. In the dispute process section of the software, we teach you basics of disputing and how to read a credit report. (All Video Training)

Website Setup

Once you decide that you like credit repair and you want to make $10,000 a month in this business, it’s time to open the doors to the world. Before doing that, you need a home on the internet, and that would be your website. Many start-up companies get this part wrong; they tend to buy all of the products before they get their website set up, when they need to do the opposite. In the website setup section of the software, we teach you how and why you need to get your site set up first. (All Video Training)

Credit Repair Business Training

We truly believe that this video training module in the software, is the best credit repair business training in the country, and it’s free. The average person would be unable to built a credit repair business; the knowledge and experienced required is a barier to entry and beginners typically don’t have adequate skills to be successful as a credit repair business. But our training with over 74-HD videos will teach you everything you need to know in detail.
These videos could easily sell for $2,000 as a stand-alone product, but you get it for free once you become a paid member. (All Video Training)

Legal and Contracts

Do you know that most states require all credit repair companies to provide their customer with a credit restoration agreement before they can render services for that customer? Not only that, most states require that you have certain clauses in that contract. We provide that expertise and even sample contracts that you can modify for your own credit repair business. We are not attorneys,and the education that we provide is notlegal advice. But at least you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to building your contract. (All Video Training)

Taking Payments and Pricing Models

If you don’t have a way to take payments, how can you become successful in reaching your 10,000 a month goal running your credit repair business? Don’t worry because our software training and resourceshave got you covered. We have researched and identified multiple companies that will assist you with taking credit cards, debit cards, virtual checks and processing ACH transactions. If you have an account, you will be able to automate your payment right through the software. (All Video Training)

Client Management

Why is client management and retention so important to any business? It’s because without customers the business will fail quickly. Customers expect you to educate them on the process and keep them updated on any improvement in their credit scores. If you don’t do this, then the client will feel that you are not working hard for them, and they will cancel as a result.
In the software, we have many training videosthat will teach youhow to nurture your customers to prevent them from leaving your company. (All Video Training)

FICO Scores and Rebuilding Credit

Restoring a client’s credit is not just about removing inaccurate information from their credit report. It’s also about teaching them how to raise their credit score, rebuild their credit and stop new negative items from hitting their credit report in the future.
As a credit repair expert, you must know the various products on the market that will assist your customer with rebuilding their credit and raising their credit score. We provide different videos and resources that will teach you about raising credit scores and rebuilding credit. (All Video Training)

Lead Generation Academy

Can a business survive without customers? The answer is no. Every business needs a constant flow of leads in order grow, and if you don’t know how to generate these customers on a regular basis, your business will never reach the $10,000 a month goal. In the software, you will have access to our new product “The Lead Generation Academy.”
This training will teach you how to generate leads for your credit repair business. You will have access to a new lead generation strategy every single week. We also sell this product to non-software members for $49.00 a month, but you get it free as a software member. (All Video Training)

Credit Repair Meetings

Would you like to learn from 50 different credit repair companies every two weeks for free? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.
Every other week, we have a free credit repair meeting open to the public. In this meeting, we discuss different topics about the credit repair industry. In the meeting, you can ask challenging questions to any member,and after the meeting, we archive them inside the software, so you will have access 24/7 to all current and prior credit repair meetings. (All Video Training)

Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions with Mark Clayborne cost $100.00 per hour. But we provide access to over 30 private sessions Mark had with various credit repair companies.
In these sessions, you will learn different aspects of the credit repair business, and all of the meetings are free to you as a software member saving you a lot of time and money. You can access these training on demand 27/7 from any platform. (All Video Training)


Because there are a lot of moving parts in running a credit repair business, you can never stop learning. This is where our workshops come in. In these detailed, targeted workshops, we teach different aspects of the credit repair industry. In some of our workshops, we have special guest speakers, disclosing import techniques that you can use to grow your business.Workshops range from 30 minutes to1 hour long, but they are full of great content.

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