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Marketing Interview

Go behind the scenes as a top credit repair company is interviewed on the best lead generation strategies that get clients to call. In this interview, we talk about the best sales and marketing techniques that work for his company and what he feels a new startup company should work on when it comes to getting leads.

Craigslist Blast

Have you ever marketed on Craigslist? This marketing platform is one of the best ways to get new, hungry customers to call your phone. The question is, how do you market the right way? What images and call-to-actions do you use? When do you advertise? Do you use free listings or paid? These are some of the questions this powerful training video will answer.

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LinkedIn Marketing

When you think of LinkedIn, you think about business-to-business marketing. But not only can you market to another business owner, you can also target customers who are looking for credit repair experts like yourself. Having a LinkedIn presence builds credibility and trust with your potential customers. In this training video, we discuss various ways you can market your business on LinkedIn for great success.

Networking Techniques

Lean how to network like an expert, and grow your business beyond your dreams. Every time you meet someone, you should be networking. You should never stop meeting people that could help grow your business. Learn about the different networking events that your potential partners hang out at so that you can build relationships. In this video, we show you how to get inside and secure partnerships.

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Put Your Ad in Front of One Million Customers

What if I told you that you could get your ad in front of one million hungry customers? Would you believe me? Well, there is a service that we know about that can get your message in front of a million people at a low cost. Now think about how many customers you can close if your ad copy is positioned right. In this video, we show you how to place a classified ad to the masses.

Outsourcing Mastery

What if I told you that you can hire anybody to do anything you want for half of the cost of a US-based employee? If you could do this, do you think your company will grow? Well, it will, and you could have an army of virtual assistants doing all of the work for you for as little as $5.00 per hour. In this training video, we teach you how to outsource all non-money generated tasks.

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Networking with Car Dealers for More Leads

How many leads do you think you could get just by building a relationship with car dealers? Car dealers deal with customers with bad credit all day long, and they have to know where to refer these customers to when they are turned down. Your job is to get the dealer to send you those turn-downs so you can turn them into customers with great scores. In this video, we show you how to build those relationships.

Networking with Affiliates to Obtain More Customers Daily

Networking with others can help you grow your business if you do it the right way. There are multiple ways you can partner up with an affiliate to send leads your way. You can make deals with real estate agents, loan officers, car dealers, pawn shop owners and hard money lenders. Once the relationship is established, they can send you leads for a long time. In this training video, we show you how to do just that.

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Facebook Advertising That Works

As of now, Facebook has over a billion users that are accessing their Facebook pages on a daily basis. What if you could get your ad in front of customers who stated that they like credit repair or are looking for credit repair? Do you think you can generate leads by running ads?The answer is yes. In this video training, we teach you how to run Facebook ads.

YouTube Advertising Done the Right Way

If you did not already know, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the country, and it’s owned by Google. If you are not marketing and advertising on this platform, you are leaving money on the table. You can advertise on YouTube for as little as $5.00 with a big return on your investment. In this training video, we teach you how to run YouTube ads and get in front of your target market.

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Email Marketing

This marketing strategy is one of the most successful lead generation strategies when it comes to getting a client. When a client goes to your website and puts their contact information into your lead capture form, they are raising their hand and stating that they are interested. Email marketing is used to follow up with that client daily to get them to say “Yes, I’m ready.” This training will teach you step-by-step strategies on how to do that.

Lead Generation Strategies

How would like to learn over ten different lead generation techniques that credit repair companies are using right now to get new customers in the door? These strategies are being used daily, and they work. In this training, we show you how to utilize these marketing weapons to keep customers coming. You only need just one good strategy to be successful.

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150 Ways to Market

What if I told you that there were more than 150 ways to market your business? Would you believe me? Well, there are many ways to generate leads, and we show you these methods in this training. The goal is to try out one strategy at a time to see how it works. If it brings in leads, then put more money in that marketing pipe. If no leads come, then try out a different strategy. In this special report, we show you all 150 ways to market your business.

Marketing Material Fast Start

Ever wonder how other companies prepare beautiful-looking posters, flyers, business cards and brochures? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, because in this training video we teach you how to prepare the marketing materials that you need to get the word out. You will learn the different pieces of promotional items that you need and the best places to market your business.

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