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Currently we offer coaching in the following areas: How to start a credit repair business, credit repair training, marketing, client retention, affiliate integration and any other topic pertaining to the area of running a credit repair business. Some of the topics that we cover in the coaching sessions are as follows:


  • How to start a credit repair business
  • Contracts
  • Clients
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Affiliates
  • Disputing
  • Pricing
  • Automation

Please call for prices 1-888-959-1462


If I decide to purchase a coaching session, what format will the coaching session take place in?

You can choose from a phone coaching session, Skype or a webinar style that is recorded.

Can I email or call to ask questions whenever I need to?

Coaching sessions are done all at one time. So, you would have save all of your questions and ask them during your session.

How does it work?

If you decide that you need more coaching beyond the How to start a credit repair business training, you simply purchase a two-hour session.

  • Pick the platform you want the coaching session to take place in.
  • Mark will call or email you to schedule a time for your coaching session.
  • If you pick a webinar or audio style coaching session, you will receive the recording upon completion of the coaching.

How do we communicate?

By phone, email or Skype.

How do I pay?

By PayPal using a Master Card, Visa or Debit card.

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