Client Dispute Manager Credit Repair Software is cloud-based credit repair software that allows you to manage your credit repair business from any device around the world. You need credit repair software to help you manage customers, disputes, credit reports, contracts, leads, affiliates and your billing. The software will help you save time and expense. The best time to sign up for the Client Dispute Manager Credit Repair Software is when you have decided that you want to start and run a credit repair business. The reason why you want to do it at that time is that the software has everything you need to start and run a lucrative credit repair business. For example, it has the credit repair, running your credit repair business, and lead generation training. These are all components that you need to start a credit repair business. Without the critical skills mentioned above, it would be tough for you to run a credit repair business. To get started with our Free Trial,

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Credit Repair Training

Before you venture down the road of starting a credit repair business, you must have training on how to restore credit. Now you can get this training from books, videos, articles or structure classes. Knowing how to repair someone’s credit is one of the keys to being successful in this business. Without this knowledge, you could lower a customer’s credit score, dispute the wrong account and cause the consumer to get sued by a creditor. You can dispute using the common word, “it’s not mine,” and cause harm to your company if the consumers later ask for the dispute letters because they feel that you did not handle their files correctly. Becausecredit repair is so important to this industry, I have created a special class for you, called the “Credit Repair Mastery Class.” This class has 10 hours of pure credit repair training, and it will take you from beginner to master. After completing the class, you will have the opportunity to task your skills by taking our exam. If you pass, you will get a certificate of mastery. Click thelearn more button to get started.

Credit Repair Book

If you like reading and you prefer your training in a book format unlike the “Credit Repair Mastery Class,” then my book – “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets,” would be the perfect companion to the ”Credit Repair Master Class.” I have a question for you. What if you had the knowledge in the palm of your hand that could help you improve your credit report and as a result, you might qualify for the following: your dream house, your dream car, that new apartment, your dream job, start a new business, increase your credit score and get into that new home or car? If you had this knowledge, would you use it to start living the life youwanted? What if you knew a handful of strategies that would allow you to do the following: Avoid embarrassing moments when applying for credit. Sleep at night because you no more receive abusive collection calls. Spend what you want at the mall and your favorite restaurants because you saved due to settlements? If you knew how to use these strategies, would you take action? Well, in my book, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets, I teach you how to restore your credit and become credit worthy again.

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Advanced Dispute Letters

Advanced dispute letters are documents with more text and legal language that spell out the laws that credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors must follow. These letters are sent to the credit bureaus when basic letters fail to get inaccurate information removed from a credit report. There is no guarantee that these letters would do a better job than standard letters, but they let the furnishers know that you know your rights when it comes to the laws put in place to protect you or your customers. The best time to use these letters is when the furnishers (creditors, credit bureaus, collectors) fail to follow the law. These letters remind the furnishers of your rights, and that you can take action if they don’t follow the law. These letters are not your standard letters, and they were written by an established credit repair company with years of experience in the industry. They are a great companion to the library of letters you already have. To get your copies of the advance dispute letters.

Credit Repair Business

The credit repair business training class is a 3-day pre-recorded workshop, teaching various aspects of the credit repair business. You will learn from different industry leaders in the credit repair business. You need this type of training because you have to learn the basics of running this business. There is no way you can get around this because the credit repair business is a real business, and it has a lot of moving parts. For example, you need to know about your state and federal laws, contracts, pricing, sales, marketing, nurturing clients, sales scripts, and other relevant information regarding the business. Your learning should start after you have decided you like credit repair and you want to do this for a living. To get started with the 3-day workshop, click the learn more button.

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Credit Repair Websites

Credit repair websites are sites designed strictly for the credit repair business. They have the right wording and images that are geared towards customers with challenging credit. Having these sites built can cost you anywhere from $500 to $25,000.00. You need one before you start advertising to your customers. Clients won’t take you seriously if you don’thave any presence on the internet. Also, having one builds trust with new customers. If you decide not to get a website, you won’t have a place to promote your content, your prices, your testimonials, your about-us page, your contact information, and the value that you offer customers. If you want a site, you can build it yourself, hire a webmaster, or buy one from us. To learn more about our websites, click the learn more button.

Lead Generation Academy

One of the biggest problems all business owners have is getting customers. If you don’t have new customers coming through your doors every single day, your business won’t grow. Period! After understanding this issue, we decided to create the Credit Repair Lead Generation Academy. In this academy, we focus on teaching you lead generation strategies that will help you grow your business. When you become a member of the academy, you will get one new credit repair lead generation strategy every single week for the next 11 months if you are a non-software member. If you are a software member, you get the lead generation academy training for free. All lessons are taught in 30-minute short videos accompanied by a single infographic which shows you the strategy step-by-step;if you are ready to start getting unlimited leads.

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YouTube Credit Repair Lead Generation Class

In this class, you will learn how you can use YouTube and YouTube ads, to put your message in front of credit repair customers. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google search, and your business needs to be on this platform. Also, we teach you how to target your ideal customers using keywords people are searching for right now. We also show you the keyword tool to use to get high search volume keywords. You also will learn the 5different types of video formats that are killing it on YouTube. This is a pre-recorded on-demand class that you can watch 24/7 from any device at any time. The class also comes with infographics and resources you can use right now to jump-start your lead generation efforts. If you are readyto tap into the marketing platform with one billion users, click learn more to get started.

Facebook Credit Repair Lead Generation Class

Facebook has over 2 billion users on its platform on a regular basis, and your customers are there. You just need to know how to find them. You see, Facebook is not like YouTube, where people search for a solution. When customers go on Facebook, they look to socialize and not be marketed to;so it makes it harder to find your ideal audience. But in this pre-recorded class, we go into detail, to show you how to find your target market on Facebook. The key to Facebook advertising is astrategy, and if you know how to use this strategy, you will win. This class teaches you how to write the correct ad copy to get customers to sign up for your email list. Also, we go into the “how to build a custom audience,” so you can later re-engage that customer. If you are looking to get more leads for your business, then click the learn more button.

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Taking Payments

When we say taking payment, we mean you need a way to charge your customer for your services. Here are the four ways that you can charge your customer for credit restoration services: credit card, ACH, virtual check, and demand drafts. When you start your credit repair business, you will need a payment method to process your customers’ payments. You want to secure this process before you open your doors to the world. Because you are a new credit repair company, it will be hard for you to get approved to take credit cards without any processing history. So, we recommend that you start with ACH or virtual checks until you get some processing history. Once you get the processing history, you can apply for a merchant account through our affiliate partner. They will get you set up with an ACH or virtual check processing. To apply for a payment processing account, click the learn more button.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is where you get one-on-one coaching with me regarding any of the following topics: credit repair, running a credit repair business, or lead generations. During these sessions, we work together to resolve your challenges in the credit repair industry. All coaching can be scheduled for a live screen sharing or phone session. Most customers purchase these sessions when they are stuck in a certain area of the industry. They feel that one-on-one is a better solution for them versus group style training. If you decide to book a coaching session, you can book them at any time by using our scheduling calendar to select a date and time. Coaching sessions normally go for 1 hour per session. If you are ready to do a one-on-one coaching training with me, click the learn more button to get started.

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