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Video #1: Running Your Business

Running any business takes time. Our videos will equip you with the knowledge to help you learn about the credit repair business. One of the best ways to learn about the credit repair business is to follow our step-by-step videos that will guide you down the right path for this industry. Having the basic understanding of how to run this type of business goes a long way. Give yourself time to go through and process the material.

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Video 2&3: Start Up Fees and Forming Your Business

There are some start-up fees that you’ll want to consider when running your credit repair business. You need to ensure that you are prepared for these fees. Forming your business is very important—this is where you’ll implement certain things and ensure that your business is off to the right start. If you want your business to be successful, you have to pave the way for that.

Video 4&5: Office Space and Numbers and Legal

Thinking of starting your own credit repair business? You need to think about office space—where will your business be located physically? There are some really great places where you can put your business. Another thing you need to think about is employing people to work in your company, and who will handle what aspect of your business. You also need to look into the legal matters of your business to ensure you’re on the right path.

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Video 6&7: Legal Part Two and Compliance

Being legal and being compliant is essential to your business. You may want to consult a lawyer or seek legal advice from someone in that profession. In this type of business environment, you will have to follow laws and regulations. Do you know what these laws and regulations are? It’s recommended that you do your research on your federal laws to know what these are regarding the credit repair industry.

Video 8&9: CROA- (Credit Repair Organization Act Prohibited) and Following Your State Laws

There are a lot of bad practices that the Credit Repair Organization Act prohibits. It’s important that you know what these bad practices are so you don’t follow any of them. Knowing your state laws is vital for your business—do you know where to find these laws? This video will give you detailed information on how to find your state laws and will also tell you how to go about following them.

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Video 10&11: Business in Other States and Contracts

It’s great that you want to do business outside your state. Nothing is wrong with growing your company but ensure you meet all the requirements to do so. What are contracts? Do you know how to put one together and what should be in the contract? Understanding the terms and the basis of a contract is a very important aspect of your business. You also have the option to seek advice in this area.

Video 12&13: Contracts Part Two and Contracts Part Three

Contracts are an essential part of your business with customers. It’s important that you know the ins and outs of a contract. Contracts also help you to build that bond with your customers. With that being said, another thing you need to know when handling customers is how to read their credit report so that you know what you should dispute and what shouldn’t be disputed. This video will give you a detailed breakdown on to how to read a credit report.

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Video 14&15: Contracts Part Four and Contracts Part Five

How much you charge your customers is important; there are different laws that govern how long a customer should enroll in your program. You also need permission from your customers to act on their behalf in certain situations. Signatures play another important part of your contracts. This video will give you the details when it comes to contracts and to your customers.

Video 16&17: Website and Website Key Points

What is a website? Why are websites important? Where do I get a website? These are all questions you should ask yourself when it comes to a website. Your website should represent you and your company; you also want your website to look professional as well. A website is very important to your business and in this video you will learn why.

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Video 18&19: Merchant Accounts and Researching Competition

When you think about collecting money from your clients for the service you have provided, you need to think about getting a merchant account. These accounts allow you handle monetary transactions from your customers. It’s vital that you research information on the line of business that you’re about to venture into. You need to know what or who you’re up against, how you can use some of their strategies and apply them to your business. Being competitive in this line of business is important.

Video 20&21: Pricing and Electronic Signature

When you have a product, you need to know how much you’re selling it for, and it’s important that customers know how much your service costs. There are several ways that customers can pay for your services. Another thing you need to consider for your business is getting customers to sign documents electronically. Our video will teach you more about this.

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Video 22&23: Credit Reports and Qualifying the Customer

One of the essential things you’ll need to help customers in this field of business is their credit report. There’s no going around this; after all, this is what you’ll mainly use to help them. You need to speak with customers to see what their main purpose is for wanting your particular service. Ask them questions like whether they can afford the service. Listen to them and from there on you’ll know how to proceed with that particular customer.

Video 24&25: Qualifying the Customer Part Two and Qualifying the Customer Part Three

There is certain key information you need to get from a customer, like their email address. Communication with your clients in this line of work is very important. When you communicate, you’re building a relationship with them. You need to know if customers can afford your services, you need to know how they’ve ended up in the situation that they are in. Educate them about your services.

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Video 26&27: Qualifying the Customer Part Four and Qualification Funnel

Review your client’s credit report in detail based on the five factors of the FICO score. This video will teach you more about the five factors of the FICO score and what they are. Earlier we mentioned that you need to educate your customers—when we say this we mean that you should tell them about your service, and how long it’s going to take to fix their credit score. Ask them what their expectation of you and the service that you provide is.

Video 28&29: Need from Your Clients and Marketing-Sales

Once you have customers, there are some vital documents that you need to get from them. In this video, you will learn about those documents. In the credit repair industry, you need to market your business. You need to sell your business to people so that you’ll have a steady traffic of customers coming to you, which will be profitable to you in the end. Marketing is imperative.

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Video 30&31: Marketing and Online Free Marketing

Marketing helps hold your company together. There are many key requirements that are needed in order for you to be successful in marketing your business. There are also many online social media that you can use to your advantage to market your company. The more you take advantage of these online social media, the more people will become aware of your business and this will help to build your client list.

Video 32&33: Online Free Marketing Two and Offline Marketing

Target specific social media, the popular ones and the not-so-popular ones, and educate people about your business and the services that you offer. This will be beneficial to you and to your business. The next thing you want to do is offline marketing, like creating business cards, postcards, key rings, and so on. Marketing helps to pump money into your business so the more effort you put into this area,the better results you will see.

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Video 34&35: Email Marketing and Emails You Should Send

Email Marketing is a very good strategy for you to use in getting customers on board. When you use this strategy, you can send out information to customers about your services and about your company. There are certain types of emails that you need to send out to customers and different types of customers that you need to target in order to build your business and client list.

Video 36&37: Business Cards and Back of the Business Cards

Business cards can have an impact on customers the right way if they are done properly. When a customer gets your business card it needs to grab their attention and tell them why they should choose your business. You also want to include how customers can get in contact with you on the card. There are a lot of creative ways that you can do your business cards to get people’s attention. Also, there are a lot of companies that can do business cards for you—research them.

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Video 38&39: Seminars and Seminars Part Two

Want to get more people engaged in the service that you’re offering? How about doing seminars? You can research different places where you can keep these seminars, and you can also think about the different types of people you’d liketo approach and educate about your service. Having people like a loan officer to come and speak at these seminars is a plus for you—you’re building a relationship with them, and you’re also building a relationship with potential customers.

Video 40&41: PowerPoint Presentation and Advertising

You can use PowerPoint presentations in your seminars to help people better understand your services. There are multiple ways to do a presentation like this. Advertising is another way to market your business. With advertising, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of. You never want to promise a customer something you can’t deliver. This video will give you the breakdown of how to use PowerPoint presentations and how to advertise effectively.

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Video 42&43: Advertising Part Two and Advertising Part Three

As mentioned earlier, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to know when advertising. To elaborate more on this, there are certain words that you need to stay away from when advertising. You can always seek legal advice when advertising, which will help you to stay compliant when advertising. Advertising helps to fuel cash into your business—the more you advertise,the more you get persons to be interested in your business.

Video 44&45:Advertising Part Four and Sales and Marketing

It’s important that you understand the terms and conditions of advertising and ensure that you’re doing it properly. There are certain words that you want to use when advertising. Sales and Marketing is one of the key factors in keeping your business alive. Learn about sales and marketing, read some books or research it. The more knowledge that you have of this area, the more you’ll excel.

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Video 46&47: Sales and Sales Part Two

There are a lot of books that can teach you about sales, and there are a lot of sites and books you can use to equip yourself with sales knowledge. Once you get the hang of this, business will be great for you. You want to put some sort of reward system in place for your customers and for affiliates that you do business with as well. Rewarding your customers will encourage them to tell other people about your business and those people can become potential customers.

Video 48&49: Sales Part Three and Sales Script Element

Sales! Sales! Sales! It’s imperative that you make sales. When you’re talking to your customers, you want to ensure that you’re using a script to talk to them. Scripts have proven to be very effective with customers over and over. The reason for this is the technique that you use to create the script along with the right words that you put in it. It also helps to listen to your customers and build a relationship with them.

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Video 50&51: Affiliates and Affiliate Partners

Affiliates help your business to grow because they keep referring people to your business. You need to put things in place that will keep your affiliates engaged so that they will continue to give you customers. Affiliates could be a loan officer, a car dealer…the list goes on. Providing your affiliates with information about your company and the services that you provide will be very helpful to them. Another thing you need to do as well is provide training for your affiliates.

Video 52&53: Referral Sources and Referral Sources Part Two

Referrals are vital to your customer base. You need referrals to help fuel your business financially and also to build relationships with them. You just need to think of creative ways that you can get people to refer customers to you. Research ways on how you can get referrals and create workshops or seminars in different places.

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Video 54&55: Referral Sources Part Three and Referral Part Four

There are a lot of authority figureswith whom you can build a relationship to give you referrals. You need to put yourself out there, be known to people, let them know about your business and about the services that you offer. This increases your chances of getting referred by people to other people. Think of creative methods to get customers to your business. Our video will teach you about ways you can do this.

Video 56&57: Customer Service and Customer Survey

What is Customer Service? Is it important to your business? Well, yes it is. Providing customer service to your clients will help you build that long-lasting relationship that will keep them happy and always coming back or referring persons to you. You need to see your business through the eyes of your customers and to do this you need to carry out surveys randomly to get their feedback on how things are going.

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Video 58&59: Dealing with Difficult Clients and Staying in Touch with the Client

You are going to come across different types of customers, and you will need to learn how to handle these customers. You won’t always have the same types, so, therefore, understanding each type that you’ll come across is imperative. Being in constant contact with your customers helps you to build that owner/customer relationship which will yield great results.

Video 60&61: Staying in Touch with Your Client Part Two and Being Organized

When we talk about communication, we mean that you should always keep in constant contact with your customers. You can send them general reminders about their payments, keep them up to date as to what is happening—anything regarding the services that you’re giving them. In this line of business, you need to be organized and everything needs to be in check. If you’re not organized, you will get confused somewhere along the line.

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Video 62&63: Is Your Mind Ready? and Time Management

Your mind controls everything you do, even running a business. You need to prepare your mind if you’re going to go into this field of business. Time is everything in the credit repair industry. Schedule your time wisely and ensure that you abide by this time schedule. There are a lot of helpful resources that can help you with time management.

Video 64&65: Books and Taxes and Company Policies

Keeping a track of the cash flow in your business is very important. It helps you to see where you’re makinga profit and where you’re making a loss. You also need to keep up with the taxes that are associated with your business. The bigger your company gets, the more you will want to get people on board to help run it. When you do this, you need to implement company policies that will help you run your company very smoothly.

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Video 66&67: Acts and Laws and Credit Repair Training

There are certain Acts and Laws that are put in place to help govern the credit repair industry, and you are required to know these Acts and Laws. You need to have a basic understanding of these laws. Self-training for this business is very important. Educating yourself on the different processes and steps on how to handle different aspect of this business is very important. Learning all of this will take some time, but once you do you’ll be ready to start your business.

Video 68&69: Software and Branding

Software plays a major role in your business—it makes your business so much easier to handle. Our software is equipped with the knowledge and tools that will take you to the next level. Branding is also imperative in building your business and this is where marketing falls into play. You need to market to build a brand for your company and in doing so, you need to gain the trust of customers. There are a lot of companies that can help you market and brand your company.

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Video 70&71: Building Credibility and Growing Your Business

Gaining the trust and loyalty of your clients is vital in keeping them in your business. Ensure that you use the internet to your advantage to brand your company all over, and in the same breath educating people about your services. When growing your business, you need a plan. This plan will help you to decide how big or how small your company is going to be. Whether big or small, always have a plan in place.

Video 72: Testimonials

Testimonials help to gain your customers’ trust. When they see other customers giving a good review of the services or product that they have received, it makes them want to invest more in your business and also tell other people about it. The more testimonials potential customers see on your website,the more they’ll want to know about your business.

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