What It Takes to Become the Next Big Certified Credit Repair Consultant

Certified credit repair professionals have always been in high demand. Whether it’s a recession, the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, or poor financial literacy—when people get into financial trouble, a credit repair professional is typically one of the first people they turn to.

When you become a certified credit repair consultant or obtain a similar certification in credit repair, it proves to your clients that you know what you’re talking about. It gives you a competitive edge in the industry and shows that you’re serious about your work.

Below, we take a look at how you can get credit repair certification:


The Basics of Credit Repair Mastery

The Credit Repair Mastery class has been designed to distill the knowledge and experience of leading credit repair experts into a ten-hour, easy-to-follow course. The course puts you on the fast track to delivering effective credit repair services.

Mark Clayborne of Startup Credit Repair Business is responsible for the bulk of the training. The course also features bestselling author Lorillia Phillips, and Doug Parker, the founder and CEO of Repair My Credit Now, as guest speakers.

Course Structure


The course is divided into four modules, which are discussed below along with their content:

Module 1: Credit Bureaus, Credit Reporting, and Breaking Down the Report for Disputing

The first module lays the groundwork for the rest of the course—and provides you with the basic knowledge you need to operate in the credit repair industry.

Students also learn the differences between the reports furnished by the three credit bureaus TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Lastly, the module covers the legal underpinnings of the dispute process.

Module 2: The Dispute Process and Removing Tough Inaccurate Items

The second module takes a deep dive into the dispute process itself. It teaches you why it’s important to present the disputed items in a particular order. You’ll also learn how to draft an effective 5-step letter for prompt dispute resolution and item-specific strategies for removal.

Module 3: Advanced Dispute Strategies

The penultimate module familiarizes students with credit bureaus’ stall tactics, and how they can be easily dealt with. The module also explores how credit repair agents can get public records, short sales, and foreclosures removed.




Module 4: Advanced Dispute Strategies Part II

In the fourth and final module, students gain further knowledge of advanced dispute strategies. You’ll also learn how to escalate a dispute in the event of non-cooperation by the bureau. Knowing the ins and outs of dispute resolution will help you become a better credit dispute manager.

The module then wraps up the course with a discussion of credit score improvement strategies and credit rebuilding tactics.





Completing all four modules earns you the Certificate of Mastery in Credit Repair. This is great if you’re planning to start your credit repair business.

It shows your potential clients that you’re committed to learning, growing, and improving as a credit repair specialist.

Startup Business Credit Repair is proud to launch Client Dispute Manager, a professional credit repair software that also offers credit repair business training. Request a free demo today or contact us for more information.


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